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What is the community area for?

This community is an online portal where you can access all of the changing aspects of my work and teachings, consolidated in one place. It will contain:

  • updates about my ongoing classes 
  • announcements about upcoming workshops
  • an area to purchase access to online courses 
  • links to video classes
  • articles that I write
  • a place to connect with my students and other adherents of my work 

This community will eventually completely replace my various social media pages. Certain areas of the network will only be accessible by students, while others will be open completely for the public.

Joining vs Exploring

If you want to follow my work, receive notifications about any new stuff I post, or you want to enroll in one of my online courses, you should join the community. This will let you create a profile on my page and from there you can set your notification preferences, comment and ask questions, and enroll in courses and events. 

If you're just curious and want to poke around and see what I'm up to, you can simply hit explore above. You will be able to see what's available to the public, but you will not be notified of changes, nor can you comment, ask questions, or enroll in courses.

About Me

I have always had a keen interest in the balanced approach of Daoism, and always liked the vision of physical and personal development as found in the Chinese internal arts (such as Tai chi, Bagua and Xinyi). I have been training using this perspective in one fashion or another since 2003, and have been part of a more formal Daoist tradition from 2014 until now. I have also studied many other arts of physical and mind development (see craigmallett.com/about for a list of major influences).

I am most interested in an approach that will help people connect to themselves as they are in this moment, and from this connection start to explore and develop possibilities. I find that the physical practices are the most useful starting point, as physicality is much less vague than working with mind or energetics, and also provides a very stable foundation for working with these more subtle aspects for those interested.

The online community is a virtual gateway to everything I teach. Here you will find announcements, articles, virtual training halls, online short-courses, and if you join my student program it will also be where you find all your tutorial videos.

Please enjoy what I have to offer and I hope some of it at least gives you a clue or two that you can work with in your own training.

If you're interested in supporting my work, or thinking about joining the student program, please feel free to join using the buttons above!

~Craig Mallett 2021